Friday, August 17, 2012

Riff for August 16

New faculty arrived today, and they are an impressive bunch.  The nine new teachers have over 111 years teaching experience among them including one who was the K-5 Math Specialist for Durham Public Schools and one who last served as the Curriculum Director at Voyager Academy.  Two of our teachers are ethnically diverse though all are female.  (The new band teacher at the middle school is male, however.) 

Most importantly to me is hearing the teachers talk about why they selected Duke School.  Almost all mentioned our philosophy and the fact that teachers are free to teach to each student and not to a standardized test.  Many talked about having the time to teach rather than just give tests.  All were excited about our project based curriculum and being able to help provide authentic experiences to our students. 

One mentioned how she was “amazed” about the great teaching and learning she saw going on during her day visit.  Another mentioned how she wanted to come here to have productive and on-going conversations about student learning with engaged and wise colleagues.  Yet a third talked about how she wanted to be in a school that put student learning first.  It was wonderful to know these experienced teachers wanted to be at Duke School for what we are and how we teach.  To teach here is a choice they embraced, and we are excited they are here.  

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