Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Riff: Duke School Students, Different Than Their Peers

Amazing story—I recently stopped to introduce myself to a family being toured by Nicole and I asked if I could answer any questions about Duke School.  The couple said they had no questions but wanted to relay a story.  It turns out that the father had been a social studies teacher at Jordan High and was impressed by six students in his class.  These students seemed more interested in learning than grades, in exploring issues deeply and in intellectual debates.  One day he asked the students to stay behind to try to ascertain why they approached class so much differently than their peers.  Well, you probably have guessed the punch line--all six students were Duke School graduates, the only six in the class.  The dad said at that moment he decided his children would attend Duke School and now that his daughters are school age, the family is moving from California to make it so.  (He is also getting his PhD at Duke.)

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