Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a Gift

I headed to the Lemur Center with half the fifth grade and their parents last week.  The fifth grade has adopted the Lemur Center as its service project, and they have indeed made a difference.  As you walk down to the Lemur enclosures you see half a dozen signs featuring pictures that our fifth graders from last year drew. (one example is below)
The current fifth grade gave me a tour identifying each type of lemur, telling me of their habits and informing me of the work they did with the lemurs.  They remind me that much of the fruit the lemurs eat is grown in the garden Duke School students planted after receiving a Disney grant to plant it. 

Equally impressive was the enthusiasm the staff had for our students.  Each one of them told me how much the fifth graders meant to them, the center and the lemurs.  They contrasted our dedication coming regularly versus a typical school visit that lasts an hour or two and then the students disappear. 

There is no doubt that our fifth graders understand they are problem solvers and they can make a difference.  What a gift for a 12 year old.

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